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Many people wonder about what’s going through the mind of a referee when he calls something that didn’t happens or miss an infraction that everyone sees. You can smile or fall in desperation depending on the angle of your sight. Talking about an evaluation error, in some cases, might be paradoxical, often the difference between perception of reality (decision) and what really happens unfortunately it’s huge. Continue reading Perception

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Copa del Rey 2019 Final Game Real Madrid – Barcelona 93-94

44blu receive the ball start the dribble (probably travel) he moves under the basket and release a shoot, 3white blocks the ball to the backboard with the left hand and touch the backboard with the right hand. Trail and centre referee call a goaltending/interference. After revision of Instant replay sysetem the crew granted two points to the blu team and reset the game clock to 00:01.2 because it didint stop when the call was made.

This is not a situation of goaltending/interference because the ball released from 44blu hands touches the ring and it is playable by any player on the court. The 3white play is legal, the basket didn’t count and a jump ball situation occurs, the possession arrow on the officials table indicate the offensive way of white team!

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